These initiatives have been transformed into a real and effective industry that contributes mainly to the economic development of the Kingdom. Among these initiatives was the establishment of the Saudi Fisheries Company, which was one of the first contributors to this field and the transformation of aquaculture into a real industry based on well thought out strategies of the maritime system. Which extends over more than 30 years to reach the height of its success in the era of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman Bin Abdul Aziz, achieving the main objective is the local self-sufficiency of marine production and the reduction of imports in addition to doubling the local reserve of Step marine fish as one of the fundamental pillars of the national economy. Today, in the light of the growing aspirations for good leadership in the Kingdom and with the vision of 2030, we seek to redouble our efforts to make the Kingdom a leader in achieving food sustainability and food security in the region through the intelligent and effective investment of marine wealth stocks and management through the development of aquaculture techniques that will protect Primarily the risk of shrinking the natural supply of fish stocks, which was expected to increase growth and consumption. We continue to look forward to a brighter future, a future that builds our hands and reap the benefits of tomorrow's generations.


Tarek bin Abdullah Al-Rumeem