We work under a set of values, principles and best practices, including

  • Quality: Our strategy is based on delivering quality products that exceed our customers' expectations. Our interest in quality is not only to satisfy the desires and requirements of our renewable customers but to achieve our vision and our long term goals.
  • Customer: We care about customer satisfaction. We believe that our success is mainly related to the quality of service and the product provided to the customer that satisfies the level of satisfaction. We communicate periodically with our clients to gain a deeper understanding of their needs and needs, take care of their feedback, and incorporate and incorporate them into our ongoing development plans.
  • Development and Creativity: All our activities are focused on it. We strive to create an internal environment conducive to development and innovation. We strive continuously to lead the market to positive competitiveness, which reflects the interests of our customers in a manner that meets their expectations. We constantly strive to develop our business and internal capabilities to achieve excellence, serve the customer as expected and achieve the company's objectives.
  • Entrepreneurship: We are working in this spirit and continuously to take the lead in the marine product investment sector and to extend the impact to our customers to achieve their goals. We are keen to deal with leading individuals and organizations that believe in success and look forward to creativity.
  • Commitment: We feel our responsibilities towards the homeland, society and the environment. Therefore, we strive to achieve full compliance with all the commitments and agreements that we conclude, as well as abide by all laws, regulations and decisions issued by the regulators and supervising the business environment in which we work and deal with.
  • Code of Conduct and Business Ethics: We are committed to the highest standards of conduct and professional work ethic in all our transactions and we recognize the differences of these rules according to the different working environments and markets in which we operate. Honesty, honesty, integrity and transparency include ensuring the achievement of goals and success in accordance with the principle of effective partnership with the parties we deal with.