One of the main sectors to achieve strong trends in the local market, as well as support and development of sales and marketing mechanisms beyond the local scope to export to the outside, the business sector on a number of axes:


  • Retail sales: Through a number of fish-owned and geographically distributed stores in a number of regions in the Kingdom, fish are increasing attendance and geographical coverage of sales growth and increasing market share, as well as launching a number of modern sales channels through smart phone applications. The company offers a range of fresh products prepared daily from fish auctions in different parts of the Kingdom and the proceeds of fishing for its boats that roam the Red Sea and the Arabian Gulf every day to provide a remarkable variety of marine products under one roof.


  • Wholesale Sales: The company is engaged in a growing number of marine food products with more than seventy varieties of fresh and frozen products and products manufactured from various local and imported sources to offer our customers in multiple sectors a diverse mix of sea products to suit their requirements and needs and the quality they expect. We work in fish to meet the demands of consumers of seafood products from restaurants, hospitals, catering, accommodation and food manufacturers from various sources, relying on our supply chain capabilities, accumulated team experience and the quality of products we deal with.


  • Specialized Restaurants: The company manages a number of restaurants specializing in seafood. At the same time, we are developing the experience and entering into alliances with local and international specialized chains to transfer experience and develop products to promote a healthy eating culture in the Kingdom and increase the individual consumption of seafood for its nutritional value. High.


  • Commercial Franchise: The company gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to obtain the commercial franchise of the brand (fish) in accordance with the terms and conditions to ensure the maintenance of the target quality level and opens up broad prospects for the growth of the company's market share in successful cooperation with entrepreneurs who wish to achieve rewarding returns through working and dealing with the Saudi company For fish.