The logistics sector is responsible for procurement, supply, warehousing, logistics and all works that deliver the company's products to the end consumer. The logistics sector includes

  • Procurement : Fish employs a qualified team with accumulated experience in the procurement of local and imported marine products. Our purchases cover major local auctions in Dammam, Qatif, Jubail, Jeddah and Jazan, as well as import business through alliances with international suppliers in the UAE, India, China, Sri Lanka, several European countries and Africa.
  • Transportation : A fleet of refrigerated transport trucks, in accordance with the Saudi standard for the transport of refrigerated and frozen food. The company has 50 trucks carrying about 5000 kg of products every day to cover the central, eastern, western and southern regions. And thoughtful of the transport business to ensure delivery of the product to the customer in his location.
  • Warehouses : The company owns and operates a large collection of warehouses prepared according to the list of health requirements for food warehouses, and the capacity of these warehouses to about 3000 tons can be extended to about 5000 tons.

The logistics sector supports the other sectors of the company, as well as providing service to companies operating in the sector based on the company's expertise, quality of assets and geographical presence.