Of the most important sectors that contribute mainly to raising the efficiency of investment in the field of fisheries by manufacturing various types of marine food products as well as the latest equipment storage, storage and transportation required by the company to deliver the product to the full quality to the client.

The Saudi Fish Company has a number of factories and laboratories distributed between Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam and Jizan. It is equipped with a high level of manufacturing technology and is ISO certified in quality. These factories are classified according to the following industries:


  • Value-added products factories: Fish have specialized plants in marine food products, where sorting, cleaning and chopping of fish as well as preservation, cooking and packing are carried out within laboratories that are subject to the highest standards of quality and health control, and produce about twelve different food products. The company is working on alliances with companies specializing in food processing to increase its product base and develop its nutritional specifications.
  • Supporting Products Factories: As production has increased, there has been a need to establish factories and laboratories to support simple production processes such as manufacturing of storage and packaging supplies, ice production and freezing mechanisms. The company also owns a polystyrene plant to manufacture product storage boxes and facilitate safe transport to the farthest distribution points.
  • Fodder and Fish Food Products Factory: The company owns a plant for the production of fodder for fish products with a production capacity of 100 thousand tons / year. The factory was established within the company's farm land in Huraida to provide the necessary supply of high quality fodder for the company's farms and other farmers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.